Our Story


We moved to Richmond Hill and quickly decided this is where we wanted to call home. The sense of community and all the friendly people let us know that this is truly a one of a kind city. We decided that we wanted to provide a service in appreciation of the love we received when we first moved here. Our goal is to bring quality clothing for all members of your family. Not only do we offer well known brands, we also provide embroidery and other custom shirts. We want to be a part of your family as everyone made us feel in the beginning. 

Many people wonder where we got the name Orange Dog Company from. We took inspiration from our GoldenDoodle  Mr. Finnegan. He is our official mascot and a loving over-sized puppy. His energetic and loving personality reminds us of the collective community  and spirit of Richmond Hill.

Finn Standing.jpg
We carry brands manufactured here in the South and tailored for and around the coastal lifestyle. We also provide Richmond Hill designs and for other custom designs. We also carry other natural items and locally made products/services. So come on in and help support a stronger community!